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Director - Charlotte D'Alfonso
Musical Directors - Matt McCright, Kim Chase
Assistant Directors - Kate Zgonc, Jennifer Ferguson, Shannon DeArment
Choreography - Jennifer Ferguson
Stage Manager - Kristen Thomas
Program and Poster Design - Michelle Zerr
Orchestra - Kimberly Case, Matt McCright, Peter Williams, Joscelyn Wilmouth
Rehearsal Pianist - Joscelyne Wilmouth
Set Construction - Joe Wilson, Nathan Vanderella, Andrew Lauffer, Justin Kiser, Dave Zgonc, Jordy Farrell, Jason Gruber, Kristen Thomas, Zack Zuschlag, and various cast members
Props Co-Chairmen - Emily Zgonc, April Clayton
Make Up - Amy Krachkowski, Kate Zgonc, Shannon DeArment, Jen Ferguson, Brandi Quinter, Michelle Zerr, Andrew Wilson, Megan Jordan
House Co-Chairman - Elysa Farrell, Carolyn Barney
Lights - Shawn Farrell, Teresa Keck
Curtain - Adam Curtis


Thursday - Tyler Blaschak, Allison Good
Friday - Joel Lauffer, Kaleigh Anderson
Saturday - Kelsey Cousley, Gillian Jordan
GALSA Summer Volunteers - Amy Krachdowski, Jen Ferguson, Holly Curtis


Historian 1 - Hillary Kosnac
Historian 2 - Elysa Farrell
Historian 3 - Eve McCann
Historian 4 - Rachel Cornelius
Historian 5 - Lindsey Landfried
Historian 6 - Ashley Gruber
Tom Sawyer - Dave Zgonc
Huck Finn - Jordy Farrell
Joe Harper - Andrew Lauffer
Becky Thatcher - Brandi Quinter
Amy Lawrence - Carolyn Barney
Aunt Polly - Kate Zgonc
Cousin Mary - Amy Krachkowski
Widow Abigal Douglas - Emily Zgonc
Sid Sawyer - Andrew Wilson
Mrs Sereny Harper - Michelle Zerr
Hope Harper - Allison Blaschak
Charity Harper - Candy Vernille
Nancy Harper - Jessica Kiser
Susy Harper - Kelly Steele
Fred Harper - Tyler Blaschak
Judge Thatcher - Ken Arnold
Miss Grace Dobins - Joscelyne Wilmouth
Miss Agatha Watson - Jen Ferguson
Mrs Thatcher - Megan Zuschlag
Jeff Thatcher - Justin Kiser
Sarah Thatcher - Kelsey Cousley
Elizabeth Thatcher - Gillian Jordan
Billy Lawrence - Mark Lauffer
Mr Joseph Laurence (The Constable) - Joe Wilson
Aunt Sally Phelps (Aunt Polly's sister) - April Clayton
Uncle Silas Phelps (The Sunday School Superintendent) - Jason Gruber
George Phelps - Justin Watt
Janie Phelps - Lindsey Landfried
Marguerite Phelps - Hilary Kosnac
Mrs Mary Jane Hollis - Megan Jordan
Lyda Hollis - Megan Szewcayk
Jim Hollis - Tom Van Buren
Lottie Hollis - Kaleigh Anderson
Ethel Hollis - Allison Good
Alfred Temple (Miss Dobbins Nephew) - Dan Barbour
Ruth Temple - (Miss Dobbins niece) - Rachel Cornelius
Sally Rogers - Elysa Farrell
Jenny Rogers - Kelly Lugg
Ted Rogers - Joel Lauffer
Gracie Miller - Ashley Gruber
Mr Samuel Miller - Adam Curtis
Bob Tanner - Zack Zuschlag
Bea Tanner - MacKenzie Thomas
Laura Tanner - Kirsten Thomas
Mrs Louise Tanner - Eve McCann
Injun Joe - Mystery Thespian

Musical Numbers

River Song - Jocie Wilmouth

How Come - Dave Zgonc

Tom Sawyer - Kate Zgonc, Amy Krachkowski, Andrew Wilson

We're Paintin - Boys and Girls of the cast

Holy, Holy, Holy - The Cast

Frebootin' - Andrew Lauffer, Jordi Farrell, Dave Zgonc

Amazing Grace - Jennifer Ferguson, Jocie Wilmouth

Ifn' I Was God - Jordy Farrell

How Come Reprise - Dave Zgonc, Brandi Quinter

River Song Reprise - Jocie Wilmouth

Hannibal Mo (Zouree) - The Cast

Special Thanks - Ruth Quinter, Tom D'Alfonso, Dr William Robinson and the Thiel Theatre Department, Sheila Zuschlag, Sue Lauffer, Ted Morus, Debbie Clark, Martha Johnson, Earl Fenton, Mark Eckler, Sam Bartell, The Greenville Area School Distrect, and the parents of the cast members.

A special thank you to Adam Curtis for coming in the last week to be an extra townsperson and run the curtain.

Footprints On The Stage

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