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Director - Jen Ferguson
Musical Director - Laura Beck
Assistants to the director - Kristy Bowser, Ben Beck, Andrew Wilson, Amanda McGuire
Stage Manager - Ken Arnold
Set Crew - Jason Gruber, Kelsey Cousley, Kristy Bowser, Amanda McGuire, Ben Beck, Andrew Wilson, Noel Stanger, Amanda Scelsi, Jenny Huff, Kassi Stright, Ben Loreno
Props - Amanda McGuire, Kelsey Cousley, Kassi Stright
Make Up - Amanda Scelsi, Jenny Huff, Nicole Scelsi, Kelsey Cousley, Kristy Bowser, Amanda McGuire
Program Design - Anthony D'Alfonso

Special Thank You to - Dave's Handyman Service (Dave Huff) for building and the flats, jukebox and puppet stage. Barb Allen for her help with the cast party and with the set. Kim Huff for all of her help with the set and props and for painting the puppet stage and jukebox. Joe and Terri Wilson of Packard Paint and the News Depot for their donations of paint, newspaper and cardboard. Carini's and Walmart for providing trays. Dr William Robinson of Thiel College. Vicki Cousley and the Greenville Public Library for allowing us to hold rehearsal in the basement of the library when the school was closed. Lucia D'Alfonso, Allison Clapper and all the other parents who donated time and props. Wildwood Karaoke and Leanne Kyser for helping with the sound. Paxton's Resturant for their donations of props. The maintenance and custodial staffs of the Greenville Area School District for all their help this summer, especially Earl Fenton, Sam Bartel, Stephanie Francis and Jen Ziegler. All of the parents who helped backstage, sold tickets and lemonade and provided costumes.

Thank you to the Rec Center Staff: Wendy Moss, Debbie Clark, Erik Bielata, Kasey Moss, Cliff Brant and Danielle Parks.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Jen Ferguson for taking over the YPT this summer and doing a fantastic job of keeping the program going. -- Charlotte D'Alfonso

A special thank you to Charlotte D'Alfonso for believing in my abilities as a director in her absence. On behalf of the entire cast we didicate these performances to you. -- Jen Ferguson

Thank you to the Partners in the Performing Arts for the grant presented to the Young People's Theatre which was used to purchase sound equipment for our productions.


Narrators and Radio Announcers - various cast members
Curtis Jackson - Ken Arnold
Sandra - Noel Stanger
Tillie - Kristy Bowser
Laura - Amanda McGuire
Alex - Ray Wriston
Alice - Kelsey Cousley
Felix - Ben Loreno
Vicki - Amanda Scelsi
Wilber - Ben Beck
Bertha - Kassi Stright
Wheels - Andrew Wilson
Tony - Jason Gruber
Babs - Jenny Huff
Plotsky - Justin Watt
Debra - Nicole Scelsi
Susan - Nicole Powers
Connie - Zoe Anderson
Kay - Laura Seiple
Karen - Selina Gruber
Tom - Anthony D'Alfonso
Jerry - Orion Anderson
Rich - D J Huff
Janet - Brandi Allen
Sally - Natalie Huff
Angie - Lindsey Gruber

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